1.  Is the lake spring fed? No it is a light valley lake with inlet rivers and one outlet river and we do have water in the lake all the year round.

2 . Is it true that sewage and laundry are the biggest cause of the problem with pollution in the lake?  Yes, laundry and sometime like throwing or spreading waste matters in the water that led to water pollution in the lake.    

The solution to this is bury the sewage and wash laundry away from the water edge.  Are there details to that plan?  We don’t have any details to that plan.

3. Does everyone drink from the lake?    

-Yes! Some people especially from in the villages that are along the lake they drink water from the lake, normally in the village which does not have something like wells. 

4 Are there any existing myths about the lake?  is it a spirit and is the spirit a man or woman?

 -Yes, some people from different villages believing that, some parts of the lake there are bad spirits because it happens that when somebody tries to cross that area he /she can face some problems like big waves, strong wind or a boat can upset down unless he/she can does something like offering a little bit of money for him or her to pass that place without any problems. And these spirit believed that, these are the spirit of died people especially the elder ones from the village. It can be a man or a woman.      

5. Do the locals use a written language and can anyone read? 

-Yes, they use a written language and some of them can read it very well, but not everybody is literate.   

6. Are most water containers in the Villages made of plastic? 

-Yes, the most of water containers in the villages made of plastic.

7 Is there glass and mirrors?  Yes, there are a lot of glass and mirrors

8.  Have the Locals seen toy balloons?  Some of them.

9. what things are considered lucky or unlucky in the culture.

 Something like owl [a bird] especially when it produce a sound during the night almost a week nearby somebody house, people believe that someone from that family in the village or from somewhere whose belong to the same family will die.

-Lucky Ants, these are the type of ants which are black with some white spots. And when people see one of this type of ant in their house, they don’t kill it because they think that something that is good thing, is coming.