Speaker & Corporate Entertainer


As a successful entrepreneur, magician, and an engaging motivational speaker, Lisa Menna has always been a secret weapon for marketers and event planners for the Fortune 500. She perfect for audiences 2-2,000.  Her performances in more than 70 countries make her comfortable in any group.

Topics:  Innovation, Creativity, Change Management, Entrepreneurship

With hundreds of events in 70 countries under her belt, she's now an expert at three things:

  • Gathering a crowd
  • Using the art of magic to ignite the crowd’s curiosity
  • Passing along important information poised to spread through word of mouth

In 2011, she founded Cause to Wonder, a 501(c)(3) philanthropic organization that assists health, conservation and human rights organizations to introduce new ideas and important information to indigenous people.

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Cause to Wonder is an astounding approach to sharing information and learning.
Menna’s trade show performance brings in 10 times more leads than a traditional display.
— The Wall Street Journal
Wonder is key, Lisa Menna explicitly explains how curiosity is the precursor to creativity.
— Scientific America