Curiosity is instinctive, adaptive and evolutionary. New ideas start with wonder. Curiosity is an effective tool for opening minds to change.

Lisa Menna spent a decade using magic tricks to introduce new products at trade shows. Now she is using magic to introduce health and human rights ideas in developing nations. Lisa’s skills remain the same, but they have found a new venue, new clients, and new rewards.

As founder of Cause to Wonder, she has been praised. She has been itchy. She has been inspired. 

On the last Wonder Tour, a baboon stole her underwear.


"Cause to Wonder is an astounding approach to sharing information and learning." 


        A successful entrepreneur, magician, and an engaging motivational speaker.

Featured on BBC, PBS, CNN, Disney, Discovery Channel and in The Wall Street JournalEntrepreneur, and Inc. Magazine.

Topics:  Innovation, Creativity, Change Management, Entrepreneurship


Lisa Menna has always been a secret weapon for marketers and event planners for the Fortune 500.

During her career, Lisa  became an expert at three things: she could gather a crowd,  she could use the art of magic to ignite the crowd’s curiosity, and she could  pass along important information poised to spread through word of mouth. After performing in 60 countries at hundreds of events, Lisa was ready to use her skills in a new and different way.

In 2011, she founded Cause to Wonder, a 501(c)(3) philanthropic organization that assists health, conservation and human rights organizations to introduce new ideas and important information to indigenous people. Her 2019 briefing with the United Nation’s high commission of human rights examined grass roots social impact of theater for social change.

When it comes to innovation and change, there is no force more potent than human curiosity.  When it comes to igniting curiosity, there is nothing that works as quickly, or as beautifully, as magic.

                             “If you want someone to think, give them cause to wonder."