Help that we are grateful for: 


Jagpreet Singh Cheema, 2019 CTW Thunder Award recipient As coordinator of “ IF YOU WANT TO HAVE GOOD LUCK, DON’T BEAT OR KILL FEMALES.” Punjabi Women’s empowerment campaign, he directly impacted 24,000 individuals in 4 cities and 11 villages by producing 36 school programs 268 street theater events.

Mary Vargo for her excellent efficient efforts in establishing this organization. 2013 Thunder award winner

Eddie H.  for his participation in the gang prevention program.
Cristina Kessler for her visionary guidance.  2013 Lightning award winner
Rachel Mckuria for her help in organizing the ywca Ethiopian women's college scholarship fund.
Neway Ezikial for his camera work and Ethiopian location and video production coordination             Christine Moscoso for translations

Lisa Menna , Johnny Fox and Steve Silverman for magic performances Cause To Wonder Thunder Award - Dennis Schick - .Cause to Wonder Lightning Award - Captain Tambra Swann




You for your future participation and donations.

Performers  -  

City by city we would like to create a roster of interested entertainers.  Auditions required.  World class expected.  Please let us know if you are interested in being available for local presentations or fund raising events.  Please understand that Wondertour participants are usually not paid. 


If you are not a world class performer and you want to get involved:

Talk about Cause To Wonder on social media


Throw a party , a friendraiser,  in a private  home,   Just supply the food, the friends and the home. We will supply the party  for a minimum of 20 $100 donations.   Cause To Wonder will provide  a top level sleight of hand magician to entertain the group and a short 8 minute documentary explaining our work.


Just let us know how you think you can help. 

Current wish list :

  • accountant/ bookkeeper

  • lawyer

  • public relations

  • international relations

  • non profit administrator

  • educators

  • webmaster

  • travel coordinator

  • stagehand

  • documentary film editor

  • camera man


frequent flyer miles.  Publicity.  NGO's to partner with.  Interesting invitations and introductions.