Mission Statement

Reduce human suffering and promote social justice by producing curious, creative, collaborative, cross-cultural public performances and events that facilitate the exchange of ideas.

 Initiate Discovery to Provoke Discussion


When you want someone to think, give them Cause To Wonder.

Current Project

"Helping Women Brings Good things."

Goal: To end the expression, "If I don't beat my women, it means that I don't love them." To start the expression, "Helping Women Brings Good Things." 

Changing attitudes about domestic violence, in the minds of young men, is central to improving the human condition. Started in collaborations with YWCA Ethiopia, this program is currently being presented in the West Indies.  We travel island to island creating street theater for social change that uses curiosity and spontaneous interaction. Impact studies of our work show that introducing a phrase with the interest created by a single encounter, with Cause to Wonder's combination of storytelling and magic tricks, can achieve 104%  retention. 

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Recent Projects

"A Clean Lake is a Happy Life."

Goal: To teach generations of villagers the dangers of defecating in and pouring chemicals into the lake from which they eat and drink, the storyteller introduces the phrase, "A Clean Lake Is A Happy Life." Shocking special effects make it appear as if everyone gets covered in feces after a baby defecates in the water.

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"What Have You Got To Lose?"  Gang Prevention

PBS documented our very effective school program to reduce gang activity in Saint Thomas. We strongly suggest you share this with any young person who is at risk for gang involvement. 

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