We are grateful to:

Jagpreet Singh Cheema, 2019 CTW Thunder Award recipient As coordinator of “ IF YOU WANT TO HAVE GOOD LUCK, DON’T BEAT OR KILL FEMALES.” Punjabi Women’s empowerment campaign, he directly impacted 24,000 individuals in 4 cities and 11 villages by producing 36 school programs 268 street theater events.

Mary Vargo is a Non Profit specialist. She is excellent & efficient and did the administration to establish Cause to Wonder as a 501 c3 organization.
Eddie H. was our speaker in the school gang prevention program
Cristina Kessler is our visionary.
Rachel Mckuria helped in organizing the YWCA women's college scholarship fund.
Neway Ezikial  was our camera man/ Ethiopian location + video production coordination. 

Paul Ginsberg, Forensic Audio/ Video Expert

Alisha Womack provides our website design aka picassa design

Lisa Menna , Johnny Fox and Steve Silverman gave magic performances.        
Diana Pantoja is our communications Coach.

Jacque Menna was our videographer in Mozambiques clean water program and created Lisa Menna.

Helina Hewlitt and family of Tortola for ongoing support in our Caribbean campaign.

Marie Cherniy provides our graphic and social media coordination.

MaryV and Goivanni, of Zaratan Libreria ( bookshop ), in Siracusa, Sicily sponsored our Cause to wonder our Corso Umberto office in Sicily.

Board of Directors

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With 30 years and 60 countries of performing experience, professional stage magician Lisa Menna understands why theater and education have gone hand in hand since antiquity. Her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Inc., and Entrepreneur Magazines and on CNN, Discovery and the Disney Channel.

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Ali Shelley is trilingual and has taught in Russia, Japan, Israel, and France. A second generation magician and a Brandeis graduate, she integrates curiosity into the classroom to break down linguistic and cultural barriers working at the grassroots level.. Ali has experience with Hospice, Make-A-Wish and Breathe the Magic. You may have seen her on Emeril’s Table or on the Travel Channel.

Ralph Perkins


Ralph Perkins is a professional choreographer and director. He has worked in regional and educational theaters across the United States as well as Las Vegas venues. Ralph was artistic director and co-founder of The New Works Project, a contemporary dance company in Las Vegas. He is also a member of the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers. Ralph joined the Cause To Wonder family in 2011 when he directed the Middle and High School Gang Prevention Program for the organization. Currently, Ralph is the Director of Dance for Theater at The Hartt School, University of Hartford, Connecticut.