Help That We're Grateful For

Mary Vargo for her excellent & efficient efforts in establishing this organization
Eddie H. for his participation in the gang prevention program
Cristina Kessler for her visionary guidance
Rachel Mckuria for her help in organizing the YWCA women's college scholarship fund
Neway Ezikial  camera man/ Ethiopian location + video production coordination  

Nina Cousar - marketing intern specialist
Alisha Womack for stellar graphic design aka picassa design
Lisa Menna , Johnny Fox and Steve Silverman for magic performances        
Cause To Wonder Thunder Award - Dennis Schick
Cause to Wonder Lightning Award - Captain Tambra Swan

Jacque Menna for videography in Mozambique
Helina Hewlitt and family of Tortola for ongoing support

Board of Directors

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With 30 years and 60 countries of performing experience, professional stage magician Lisa Menna understands why theater and education have gone hand in hand since antiquity. Her work has been featured in The Wall Street JournalInc., and Entrepreneur Magazines and on CNN, Discovery and the Disney Channel.                          

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Ali Shelley is trilingual and has taught in Russia, Japan, Israel, and France.  A second generation magician and a Brandeis graduate, she integrates curiosity into the classroom to break down linguistic and cultural barriers working at the grassroots level..  Ali has experience with Hospice, Make-A-Wish and Breathe the Magic.  You may have seen her on Emeril’s Table or on the Travel Channel.



Winner of the 2012 Leland award, Derrick Stevens was voted the best wilderness guide in North America. Steven's work with Stone Mountain Safaris is how he came to join the Cause to Wonder team. In 2015 he presented as Cowboy Derrick in the "Attitudes for Success" Elementary school program.   He is also a student of tango dancing.