Introducing the notion that "Helping women brings good things."  Notice the faces change and the fear subside.     Notice the technique of asking the men in charge how to say, rather than telling and letting them feel they are helpful as they chose and then utter the words " Helping women brings good things."

Watching a joyous magic performance in a remote Mozambique village.. What is more contagious than children's laughter? Excitement was on their faces and a smile was on mine.

"Helping Women Brings Good THINGS"

Working to End Domestic Violence

Struggle: There is an expression in parts of the world, "If I don't beat my women, it means that I don't love them." Changing this attitude in the mind of young men is central to improving the human condition.   Rooting recently passed laws that give human rights to women.  proves to be a delicate issue. Cause to Wonder partnered with The YWCA and Rachel Makurie, a leader of the Ethiopian women's rights movement, and former president of the Ethiopian YWCA. 

Solutions: Cause to Wonder provided a traveling caravan show of both planned and impromptu performances, traveling village to village and piquing curiosity using a magic show to introduce the new idea: "To help a woman brings good luck."  

Results: The experience reached almost 8,000 villagers. The chant, “Helping women brings good luck”  is now part of the village vocabulary and we hope someday part of their traditional beliefs.

While touring within Ethiopia, Cause to Wonder also produced formal theater programs at schools and universities,  raising enough money to send 40 orphan girls to university for one year through Ethiopian YWCA scholarships.

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