This video is the real work. Notice the fear subside. The technique of asking the men in charge how to communicate, so the chief and the other men speak aloud the story: "Helping women brings good things."

Call to action :You can become an activist with 5 words. 

Humans love stories. Cultures are define themselves with them.  The ones that are important, we repeat and ritualise.  Simple stories like "Good morning" and more complex ones like "Helping women brings good things."Stories power comes from how they spread.  Sometimes, it is not enough to think something. You must find ways to write, repeat and make the sounds that vibrate the story "Helping women brings good things" enthusiastically and often. 

If you meet someone who does not think repeating these word is really useful, then it is likely they do not live in a place where there is a house hold expression that assert that domestic violence is proof of love.  Unfortunately It is a household expression inmost of the world. 

Repeating these 5 words repeatedly can change everything. "Helping women brings good things."


Whats next?

2018-2021 plans currently focus on events in: St Martin/ St thomas, Tortola, Sicily, Cypress, Sri Lanka. If you can assist us in these places. please contact us.

"Helping Women Brings Good THINGS", the movement, began in ethiopia.


Curiosity is how we grow. A traveling caravan with a storytelling magician proved to be a profoundly effective way to spread  new ideas, by word of mouth, in remote, often illiterate, isolated, cultures. Ethiopian YWCA and Cause to Wonder made direct contact with almost 8,000 villagers. The magic words, “Helping women brings good things.” there is evidence that the phrase stuck. It is remembered and  continues to spread.


Ethiopia 2011 -  7 theater programs at  universities.  Provided funding for YWCA scholarships for 40 orphan girls. 8000 villagers experienced our street theater in 11 cities. 

Antiqua- 2015 - Street theater introducing the phrase "Helping Women Brings Good Things" 

Tortola 2016-2017 -  began to experiment with In classroom impact - 2 tours. 3% population reached directly.

Sicily 2017 - 47 classrooms and 378 street performances. Introduced talisman signage.

St Thomas / St john 2014-2018 - street theater, mall performance and school shows.

G4G 2014 - keynote resulted in Scientific America featuring Cause to Wonder on a blog World Peace and Justice studies conference 2015. Presented impact and measures report of our work and received a standing ovation.

Keynote speaker 2017 Womaginarium