A magical story teller creates street theater at an Ethiopian watering hole. She introduces the phrase “Helping women brings good things.” Notice the fear subside.

Call to action: become an activist with 5 words. 

 Cultures use stories to  define themselves. We repeat the ones that are important.  We ritualize stories.   "Good morning" is a story. It passes between 2 people. A Story's power comes when it spreads.  Your words have power.

Repeating these 5 words can change the world.  "Helping women brings good things."


Whats next?

2018-2021 plans currently focus on events in: West Indies,St Martin/ St Thomas, Tortola, Sri Lanka and Sicily, If you can assist us please contact us.


Curiosity is how we grow. A traveling caravan with a storytelling magician  spreads new ideas,  in remote,  isolated, cultures. Ethiopian YWCA and Cause to Wonder made direct contact with more than 8,000 villagers.  “Helping women brings good things” is remembered and continues to spread.


Past events

Ethiopia 2011 - 7 theater programs at  universities.  Provided funding for YWCA scholarships for 40 orphan girls. 8000 villagers experienced our street theater in 11 cities.

Antiqua 2015 - Street theater introducing the phrase "Helping Women Brings Good Things".

Tortola 2016-2017 - began to experiment with In classroom impact - 2 tours. 3% population reached directly.

Sicily 2017 - 47 classrooms and 378 street performances. Introduced talisman signage.

St Thomas / St john 2014-2018 - street theater, mall performance and school shows.

G4G 2014 - keynote resulted in Scientific America featuring Cause to Wonder on a blog World Peace and Justice studies conference 2015. Presented impact and measures report of our work to a standing ovation.

Keynote speaker 2017 - Womaginarium.

Download the musical enchantment, for inspiration, meditations, and as a ringtone. Check out Toinya’s website to find out more about her work. https://www.toinya.org/music

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