PBS documented the Cause to Wonder "What Have I Got To Lose?"  High School Gang prevention program in the US virgin Islands

Getting the attention of at-risk youth

"What Have You Got to Lose?":

A High School Gang Prevention Program

Struggle: Concerned for growing gang activity and violence in her community, Cristina Kessler, a teacher in the Virgin Islands, teamed up with Cause to Wonder's Mary Vargo and PBS USVI to create this impacting event.

Solutions: Over 3,500 students in 11 schools were introduced to a former gangster who is forced to live with a shocking reality as a direct result of gang activity.  

Results: The buzz generated by the events inspired PBS to create and air a documentary feature about the event. A local nonviolence coalition used the material to create a Super Bowl commercial that was on the air throughout the Virgin Islands. The PSA won a Tilley award for its effective message. Most importantly, many audience members who spoke with us after the program had made the decision to walk away from gang involvement.

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